There are 102 reference sites as of 6 February 2020. The Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN) brings together all European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Sites, and Candidate References Sites.

For more information on RSCN, contact the RSCN Secretariat.

Reference sites often recognize the need of support e.g. for Many of these appear in form of services and products, where related businesses and markets require the involvement of procurement processes for acquiring these services and products.

Reference sites are quite different as legal entities and in their administration structures.

Some of the listed reference sites (and candidate reference sites) are by their names, in fact, not recognizable as legal entities. There are e.g. non-administrative regions represented by organizations (as legal entities) connected with related administrative regions, but their function is not always precicely defined e.g. from the viewpoint of performing twinnings with such regions. Some on the list are even countries, where the underlying legal entities at this point (6 February 2020) are not seen at all. They may be well-defined as seen from within the RSCN, but viewing from the outside, and given information that is publicly available, a service provider or producer will have difficulties to identify potential buyers.

This means that the legal mechanism by which to participate e.g. in twinnings is unclear, as ownership and legal responsibilities related with good practices, serivces and products, are not necessarily uniquely identifiable. A question like "Who am I doing business with?" is not always easily answered.

Procurement, as the process of finding and agreeing to terms as releated to acquiring services and products, can be done only between legal entities, and it is often of type public-private procurement. As procurement involves making buying decisions under various conditions and constraints, the legal entities involved must be fully identifiable. An organizational transparency is thus a necessity.

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